About Us

The Canadian Ministers Institute is an educational non-profit site dedicated to making good ministers better!

This institute is for those of you who are new candidates for the Order of Ministry or for those already part of the Order and searching for life long training programs to upgrade your present skills. This site will help you learn step-by-step, at your own pace, the information necessary to be a creative professional minister.

We always need to be aware of the latest ways to handle ourselves in stressful situations or check in on any updates or changes to the professional ministry.

We have gathered knowledge and learning from our ministers, some of whom have decades of experience. We combine this wisdom with the provincial law and church standards to present you with informative and easy to understand course material.

We currently offer courses including:

Clergy Support and Pastoral Care
The Wedding Planning Meeting
The Wedding Ceremony
Baptisms and Naming Ceremonies
Funerals and Celebrations of Life
Considerations for Diverse Sexualities and Genders
Theology 101

Additional courses will be added as they are developed. We’re excited to bring you a well-rounded and widely applicable education for ministry in today’s world.

Courses are delivered in a straightforward manner with testing at the end so you can gauge your understanding of the material.

As well as the courses offered here, CSMC offers an extensive mentoring system so new clergy are supported as they enter their new roles. This may take the form of face to face visits with a local mentor, role playing, and accompanying experienced clergy as they conduct pastoral care or life celebrations. If clergy have a specific interest (palliative care and funerals, for example), they may be connected with an experienced expert in that area. If distance is a factor, mentorship for these topics may take place using video conferencing and telephone calls.

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